Tuesday, 15 April 2014

CWP draws a blank

I visited the Lower Moor Farm complex today in the hopes of finding emerging Large Reds and maybe even an early Downy Emerald...but it was not to be :o( But it shouldn't be too long if it stays warm and sunny. I thought I ought to mention here that there was an unusual sighting of a hawker type dragonfly on the 7th March. No positive ID could be made as it was viewed from a car travelling along the M4 near Swindon where it flew across the motorway in front of the observer, Geoff Cox! Logic would dictate that it could only have been a Vagrant Emperor (Hemianax ephippiger) but we shall never know for sure...frustratingly as this would be a new Wiltshire species!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Dragonfly Season starts early in Wiltshire!

On Tuesday 8th April, Damian Pinguey discovered several immature and teneral Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) at his local pond behind the Volvo garage in Chippenham. These are the first reported odonata sightings in the county this year! Well done Damian :o) They were very skittish however and the only shot he got was of a poor unfortunate who got trapped in a spider's web and most of it's abdomen had been devoured! This site regularly produces the first sightings of the year [in VC7 at least]and I still await any sightings from the south.... 13th April 2014 Today I was passing the same pond on a visit to Castle Combe with my wife so couldn't resist a quick look-see! There were at least 7 individuals ranging from fresh emergents to almost mature. Yaay...my first odo's of the year :o)) Although I made a promise last year to keep the blog going right throughout the season I'm afraid I failed miserably again although mostly due to events outside my control - life can sometimes throw an unwanted spanner in the works!! However, I will endeavour to do better this year....but don't hold me to it ;o)