Saturday, 28 February 2009

All ready to go - but no dragons on the wing yet!

Well, that's the blog set up. But maybe a little early as it will be a couple of months before the first damselflies will be on the wing. So I'll take the opportunity to say thanks to everyone who sent me records last year. I have had one or two distractions over the last 6 months [not least my Dad dying suddenly!] so I'm a little behind in imputting all the data onto the DARTER database. Once thats's sorted I'll start generating distribution maps to show where effort will need to be concentrated over the next 4 years.
Let's hope that the summer weather will be an improvement from the past 2 years or we might struggle to obtain enough data to produce the county atlas;0)
In the meantime, here's a photo from last year to tide us over.


  1. Great to see you on Blogger Steve.Like you I hope we get a much better odonata season this year.I look forward to reading the latest Wiltshire news and seeing some more photos.We'll have to meet up again soon.All the best, Rich Ford

  2. Great blog Steve,I enjoy looking at your dragnfly Images the most.
    Well done.