Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sightings for 4th July 2009

Today I visited Red Lodge Wood [north of Wootton Bassett], primarily to look for and photograph an aberrant Silver-washed Fritillary [which I was successful in doing]. But as there are 3 ponds there I expected to see some odonata - and I wasn't disappointed. With Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Large Red Damselflies around the ponds plus 2 male Broad-bodied Chasers sparring for territory on the small pond at the eastern end of the main ride. Also in this area were a male and female Southern Hawker and a Brown Hawker. A female BB Chaser sat enjoying the sun on the opposite side of the ride - away from all the frenetic male activity!


  1. Steve,

    Just found your blog! Great looking photos you have. Things must be behind us there I saw where you have had 18 species this year. We did not even push the limits yesterday and got 23 species. Looking forward to seeing more of these wonderful posts.

  2. Interesting butterfly variant there, Steve - has it got a name ? Silver Washed and Slightly Charred, perhaps ? Rob

  3. Hi Randy, thanks for the compliments.
    Don't forget the UK only has a total of around 50 species of odonata - as opposed to the several hundred in America! In my county - Wiltshire - we have 32 Dragon and Damsels, and 2 of those haven't been seen for 40 years!
    Hi Rob, if there is a varient name I haven't been able to find it yet. The only one I know of is the valesina form of the female which has the silvery grey ground colour on the upper wings rather than the normal orange.
    There was also a second one with less extensive black on the upper surfaces but still more than normal. Also a White Admiral with virtually no white markings on the upper surfaces - no failed nuclear reactor in the area as far as I know....;o)

  4. Hi really enjoyed your blog, will be back for another look.
    Cheers Colin.