Sunday, 16 August 2009

Coate Water Country Park

I managed a brief visit to the above late this afternoon during a small glimmer of sunshine. Haven't managed much fieldwork lately what with helping my eldest daughter decorate and set up her new [first]salon in Swindon town centre and helping my other daughter prepare for her move to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music!
Anyway, I am pleased to be able to report that Small Red-eyed Damselflies [Erythromma viridulum]are back at Coate!! I was able to find at least 4 on the model boating lake in blustery, cool and partly overcast conditions. If I can manage a return visit in better contidions hopefully there will be more. This is particularly pleasing as there appears to be none at the 'hospital pond' this year. Perhaps they emerged, found little or no weed to use and moved over to nearby Coate Water?
Also present were several Common Emerald Damselflies [Lestes sponsa] and a few Common Blue-tailed, Red-eyed and Blue-tailed Damselflies. Dragonflies were represented by a single Common Darter!
The other good news is that the land next to Coate Water has been saved from development [at least for the time being....]

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