Friday, 24 June 2011

Scarce Chaser on the Salisbury Avon!

I have just received a record from the Kent odonata recorders [John and Gill Brook], who were visiting the area on 29th May. They were walking the Avon Valley Path just West of Woodfalls and spotted a female Scarce Chaser by the side of the path! This is only 1.5kms East of the Salisbury Avon, which suggests the population on this river in Hampshire may be expanding Northwards! I ask that anyone who lives or visits the area has a look at the river here to see if they are on territory there. I will try and get down but it's at the opposite end of the county to me [60 odd miles away!!] Many thanks to Jill for adding this important sighting to the Living Records website:o)

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