Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea) exuvia.

Yesterday afternoon, when the weather suddenly improved, I visited Lower Moor Farm to see if any Odonata might be stirring. I wasn't disappointed! First I disturbed a freshly emerged female Common Blue Damselfly from the lakeside scrub and then I saw an immature male Large Red Damselfly sunning itself on a bramble leaf. Finally - and this was a major surprise - I found a fresh exuvia of a Downy Emerald dragonfly in waterlogged grass next to the raised boardwalk by the first bird hide. This is the earliest emergence ever for Wiltshire! No adult was seen however.
Lots of species must be chomping at the bit to emerge and get on with the serious business of procreation - all they need is a spell of warm sunny weather, preferably with no wind!
The adoption of the online recording system 'Living Record' was a great boon last year, so if you want to help with the final year of the Atlas fieldwork then contact me and I'll give you details of how to use the system.
Let's hope for more stable fine weather soon....

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