Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The continued expansion of Beautiful Demoiselle!

Over the last week Beautiful Demoiselle has been recorded in two new locations. The first was found by myself on a Wilts VCR bioblitz event at Lower Chicksgrove, near Tisbury last Saturday. I found a single teneral female next to the Nadder in less than ideal weather conditions!It has been recorded on the Nadder nearby before but not at this location.
Then Damian Pinguey found a teneral male by the Bristol Avon at Staverton - one of the main Scarce Chaser sites. There is a large population of Banded Demoiselles there, but never has Beautiful Demoiselle been seen there before; the river there is not at all the habitat type you'd usually associate with C. virgo!
It may be that subtle changes in our climate are affording this species the chance to be less demanding in it's habitat needs?


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed! There have been several sightings from new locations over the past few years. I think other counties are also finding this.