Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cotswold Water Park delivers again!

27th April 2015.
I made an impromptu visit to the CWP today as it was warm and sunny [out of the wind!] on the off chance of finding something new on the wing. I wasn't to be disappointed. After visiting Clattinger for the Snakeshead Fritillaries I crossed the road to look at the southern end of Swillbrook Lakes. I must have caught it just right because, as well as literally hundreds of Large Red Damselflies emerging, I saw not one but two very teneral male Downy Emeralds!!
In addition I spotted a single female Azure Damselfly but she zoomed off before I could get a shot, and also a teneral male Common Blue Damselfly - which did pose briefly :o)
Several of the Large Reds were now fully coloured up mature individuals so have obviously been out for a while now.
With the increased Odonata activity I was not surprised to see a Hobby hawking over the lakes!

I then moved on to Lower Moor Farm which, surprisingly, yielded no Odonata at all! But as it was now late afternoon, the sun had gone in and the cold northerly wind had picked up I suppose it shouldn't have been that surprising ;o)